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Why you should post on Linkedin?


Why you should post on Linkedin?

Posting on Linkedin is underrated. This professional social network born in 2002 (pioneer!) became crucial to find new opportunities, stand out from the crowd and know everything about your business field. Let me show you the endless possibilities of Linkedin. 🤗

3 main reasons you should post on Linkedin : ⤵️

I. Posting to find new opportunities

➡️ Posting  to prospect

➡️ Posting to develop your network

➡️ Posting to apply or hire

➡️ Posting to grow your skill set

II. Posting to stand out from the crowd

➡️ Posting to showcase you career path

➡️ Posting to gain confidence

➡️ Posting to develop new soft skills

III. Posting to share your news and news of your company

➡️ Posting to develop your brand

➡️ Posting to set new work goals

➡️ Posting to watch your competitors 

According to LinkedIn Corporate Communications, in April 2022, 3 million users out of the 740 millions share content on a weekly basis on the platform.(1) Therefore, it’s a minority who post while the other ones are being passive and don’t use Linkedin for its full potential.

Of course, putting ourself out there in the social media can be scary, but missing on job opportunities is much scarier ! 

First of all, posting on Linkedin helps you to be more visible on your network’s feed and make sure people never forget about you. If you have solid work goals, you can’t be shy and have to be active on a daily basis on Linkedin. It should be a part of your work to-do list. Comment, share, like… do whatever you have to to be active and not just follow your feed. Your contact’s list will thank you soon 😉

I. Posting to find new opportunities

If you are looking for a job, if you are an employee or an entrepreneur, every user can find new job opportunities as long as they are posting on Linkedin.

➡️  Posting to prospect 

Linkedin is complementary to traditional prospecting which is usually done by phone or during multiple meetings. 

The more your publications or your profile appears in the news feed of your network, the more familiar and obvious your profile becomes. Thanks to reactions, comments and publications, your name is displayed repeatedly and allows your network to remember you and even know you. It’s then easier to approach them without having (too) much trouble breaking the ice. 😏

And above all, posting about your work activities obviously allows you to highlight your expertise and generate (more) qualified leads on a large scale. You have every reason to do it! #justdoit

➡️ Posting to develop your network

In 2022, LinkedIn has more than 178 million members in the US.(1) Among them, there are probably former colleagues or students that you work with during your career without keeping in touch. Linkedin puts its algorithm at your service and allows you to easily reconnect with this pool of contacts. 

If you are active on Linkedin, you could be noticed by former acquaintances and thus maintain or even develop your network or even a loyal community of people who follow you for your expertise and your career. 

So don’t hesitate to leave comments and feedback on posts that resonate with you because it’s in your best interest. Many inspiring content creators post daily and encourage comments on their posts. Start by reacting or commenting to get the hang of posting.  

A comment on a Linkedin post

➡️ Posting to apply or hire

Linkedin became famous because the platform allows to get in touch directly with applicants or recruiters. Indeed, 49 million people worldwide use the platform every week to look for a job. (2)


But if your profile is inactive, your chances of getting noticed decrease. Posting on Linkedin makes it easier for you to get in the sights of recruiters or people interested in your professional activity.

For the record, more than 57 million registered companies including 2 million Small and Medium Enterprises are registered on Linkedin according to statistics provided by the company in March 2022. A 110% increase in hiring has also been reported. (2) 

So, as a recruiter or job seeker, do you still think you can go without posting on Linkedin? (The answer is no.🥲) 

➡️ Posting to grow your skills set

Linkedin can help you grow your skills

It’s also easier to grow your skills by being active on the network. If you diligently follow your connections by commenting and reacting, you might discover many ways to build skills through trainings or webinars on topics specific to your business. 

The more active you are, the more the algorithm will know what industry you’re in and can provide you with relevant content and interesting courses.

The bonus? Linkedin also allows unlimited courses thanks to LIEN Linkedin Learning. Indeed, the platform offers more than 16,000 online courses produced by experts and constantly updated in 7 languages. (4) 🤓📚

II. Posting to stand out from the crowd

In addition to being able to achieve specific goals such as taking courses, keeping up with the competition or finding a job, posting on Linkedin allows you to put a spotlight on your professional career.

Posting on Linkedin is the equivalent to audition on stage for American Idol (hello millennials🙃) for a young artist. Anyone can audition and be taken seriously in front of professionals if your content is relevant.

Use this platform to get yourself known by posting regularly and build your brand. Connections will come easily to you, but it’s your responsibility to sort them out and to create a relevant contact’s list by not accepting all the invitations of course.

➡️ Posting to showcase your career path

More than just posting your resume, publishing posts about your life as an employee, job applicant or entrepreneur allows you to showcase your background and share your professional life to your peers. The reactions and comments that you can post help increase your notoriety or your company’s and help you to stand out and find new opportunities! A real virtuous circle 🙂 


No matter what 😎

➡️ Posting to gain confidence

By starting by reacting (liking or “finding it insightful”) to some inspiring posts, and then commenting, you can get your feet wet on Linkedin and gain confidence.

Having confidence in your work, feeling the support of your community, highlighting your skills and successes allows you to gain confidence in your work and gradually get rid of your impostor syndrome, which is so common nowadays.

Believing in your work first allows potential recruiters to believe in you too. Other profiles with exactly your skills and background get noticed simply because they communicate about their job. They have nothing more or less than you professionally, except that they dare to put themselves under the spotlight. You can do it too. What do you have to lose? 🙌

➡️ Posting to develop your soft skills 

This article from Le Figaro listed the most wanted soft skills in 2021.(3) Among them, adaptability, growth mindset or creativity are part of the most sought-after skills by recruiters. 

The good news? You can highlight these soft skills through various and original posts that suit to you. For example, you are gifted with emotional intelligence? Great! Showcase it by recounting a conflict between two of your colleagues and explaining how you managed to ease the tension. Bingo, you’ve provided proof to your network that yes, you do possess this rare soft skill. 🦄

Thank you Linkedin! 🥳 

III. Posting to share your news and news of your company 

3 million users post content every week on Linkedin (2).

This social network is perfect to get information about your business field. If you post or react on Linkedin, you will have more chances to see the news of your sector and thus keep an eye on it.

On Linkedin, content creators stand out for sharing their experience in the business world. Without having to comment on every event of your day, it’s a good idea to showcase your professional successes or the projects you’re currently working on. Each post can highlight one of your skills, like a photo of your team to show your collaborative spirit. 

Roxana Irmia's post where she's sharing her experience

The bonus? By diligently following and reacting to the posts of your network, you can learn more about how they work and get inspired by their journeys to achieve your professional goals. 

➡️ Posting to develop your brand

Eventually, what is the message you want to share? If you’re looking to hire or promote your company, you can’t afford not to post on Linkedin. 

The social network offers many possibilities to put you or your company in the spotlight. Carousel, videos, photos, polls… Being versatile allows you to develop your brand and show the variety of your offer. If you need the support of your peers, you can start a carousel with the 3 people who helped you during the development of your business for example. 

Perfect for killing two birds with one stone by making an appreciation post that builds your network AND your brand. #efficiency 😎


For instance: The jewelry brand Gemmyo, carried by Pauline Laigneau, manages to communicate around her podcast, her entrepreneurial life or her brand. By varying her posts on Linkedin, she gives power to her brand while building a large community. WIN WIN.

➡️ Posting to set new work goals

Posting to become visible on Linkedin, DONE ✅.

What if posting on Linkedin ALSO allows you to challenge yourself? 

One way to keep yourself accountable is to tell everybody around you that you are going to make it.

For example: Telling your partner that TONIGHT the dishes will be done. You know perfectly well that he/she will not forget this promise you made earlier in the day and that he/she will not fail to remind you. Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle but it works. And TONIGHT your dishes will be done.

Same thing with Linkedin. If you announce to your network that in December you will launch the first product of your line and you explain the process in your posts, you will do everything to not disappoint nor fail. And you’ll (probably) be less likely to procrastinate and  and you will dive into the work faster. #accountability 🤓


*His hairdresser should be in jail*

➡️ Posting to keep up with the competition

Yes, this is a time for fellow colleagues to help each other, not compete. And good for you, it’s not Dallas here. BUT. It is your duty to know how other candidates or companies in your business field are doing. Linkedin is the place for it. 

By supporting, commenting and posting on the platform, you will get attention from your competitors and vice versa. 

You can’t be an actor in an eco-system without knowing what’s going on there, so you have to be aware of what others are doing, WHILE AVOIDING COMPARISON with each other of course. 

Posting on Linkedin allows you to follow the competition and to adopt a meaningful strategy to reach the level of your competitors or to take a step ahead.

So, are you convinced? If yes, click here to learn how to make your first post on Linkedin. 

If not, keep in mind that LinkedIn will be used by ALL the others candidates or companies who will be able to reach their work goals while you are staying quiet. 

Whether you are active or not, it is important to use this social network to at least get informed, discover professional opportunities and highlight your career path. Why deprive yourself? 





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